CBD & Hemp Oil Apr 2019

CBD & Hemp Oil Apr 2019

Coach RGT

CBD, short for Cannabidiol is a plant compound that is found in the Cannabis plant family, it has been researched and proven to provide multiple health benefits without a level of THC that can make you high. CBD’s play an important role on the limbic system, (hippocampus, hypothalamus, piriform cortex, and the amygdala,) all crucial portions of the brain, that help keep the body in a homeostasis, (calm) mode.

Although CBD is a plant based, our bodies produce internal cannabinoid receptors, CB1 – found in the kidneys, lungs, reproductive organs, brain, central nervous system, which help regulate our sleep, appetite, memory processing, pain, movement, and mood.

Our CB2 receptors are found mainly in our immune system cells, digestive, and peripheral nervous system. These help fight tissue damage, inflammation, and reduce pain in our bodies.

When our cannabinoid receptors, CB1 & CB2, are not in balance, we can experience a communication imbalance in our body and brain, creating a deficiency in the way we operate, efficiently or inefficiently.

As a result of using CBD Oil and activating our internal receptors or Endocannabinoid System, we can benefit by decreasing pain, improving our sleep, being calmer, enhanced well – being, and deducing our stress levels, all essential for staying balanced inside out.

One of the best ways to receive CBD Oil is sublingual, or underneath the tongue and holding it there for a few seconds to a few minutes, this gets into the bloodstream faster.

The use of carrier oils or additional oils being used, slows down the absorption, and limits the digestive breakdown before being absorbed into the body, another method includes a few drops in the mouth, swished around, and absorbed into the mucous membranes and intestinal tract.

The Hemp Industry – CBD Oil Industry is expected to hit 22 Billion by 2022, so, this bears knowing as much about the choices you make and the product you use as possible.

First, because this is a plant – based product, whatever the soil has in it, you will have it in you if you choose to use it. Next, I love a quote from a very respected Doctor, researcher, and friend of mine, no matter what the product, it must begin with a great seed, (that’s paraphrasing), but the result is that.  It all begins with a great seed going into some absolutely rich and cultivated soil. If we don’t have that, we can easily be digesting any carcinogens that are sprayed or mixed into the growth patterns a farmer chooses to use.

Then, is your product being sold to the masses, if so, expect the buyer to purchase in bulk and reap the savings and you the customer absorb the cost and price upgrade. Yes, CBD Oil is expensive, business is and will continue to be booming for some time; if you don’t know it, there are a few drugs stores, some of your favorite shopping stores, and soon some of your beer manufacturers will be jumping in and grabbing their share.

This is why you and I as consumers and even Affiliate Marketers, (contact me for more info), must know about the processes involved with this industry, from the product growth and the especially the extraction process.

It is my utmost desire to help you appreciate and get educated about this industry, I am and shall continue to be an advocate for the CBD Oil industry and advocate for it strongly. I can say with experience and now authority that I am and will be prepared to provide as many updates and recommendations as possible to help you choose one of our products. Try it for yourself, listen to the testimonials of those who have had tremendous reports to give back as a result of using the CTFO Product Line.