Hello to you all and thank you for stopping by my CBD product website.  My name is Reggie G – T, Coach RGT, I am a health, wellness, and fitness consultant,

I am excited to speak with you about CBD Oil, the need for it, how our bodies system works with it,
and why I am an advocate for this plant – based choice over pharmaceutical drugs.  I have sampled multiple CBD products from several organizations in the past and I want to provide you info from this website that I truly believe will help you make an educated choice.

So, CBD Oil, or cannabidiol is one of 85 cannabinoids related to cannabis plants, and are showing a wide range of medicinal benefits with little to no side effects or “psycho activity,” that can occur from THC found in marijuana plants.  The Hemp plant is different from Marijuana in that Hemp has an enzyme that produces predominantly CBD, while Marijuana produces THC and CBD.

Hemp and CBD Oil has been shown to help with aging, inflammation, relaxation, sleep, chronic pain, and stress.  The World Health Organization has reported that CBD is tolerated well in humans and is
non – addictive and non – toxic as well.

I look forward to helping you make a selection to use CBD Oil today and I believe this site can be a great resource of products for you and your family.

Coach RGT